Sweet Essence PA103


The Sweet Essence Manual Breast Pump has simple controls that allow for 2 suction settings and adjustable vacuum pressure. It is small and lightweight with no need for electricity or batteries.

  • Features

    Anit-Backflow Diaphragm


    Breastshield Body with standards 24mm Flange


    Silicone Cushion

    Reduces the clange size to 22mm


    Membrane Valve and Silicone One-Way Vavle


    Two Suction Settings

    Swift and Natural


    Suction Release Valve

    Controls the maximum suctio nand the holding time


    4 oz. Standard Bottle Included

  • Included Accessories

    • Expression Collection Combo Kit (Manual)
    • Silicone Cushion
    • Bottle Adapter Kits (2)
    • One-Way Valve & O-Ring
    • 5 oz. Bottle
    • Carrying Tote
    • User Manual
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